Tiny House



Tiny house is the most admirable design in the 21st centuryThe scarcity of space and budget make us arrived in this kind of design solutions. People or designers tend to find new ways to widen and develop possibilities of maximizing and optimizing a space. In urban areas, people appreciate more on the use and functions of a tiny house designs. Some tiny houses are built in trailers and improvise some framing support for the floor framing of the house. This way they could transfer the house from one place to another. The tiny house is being pulled by another vehicle to mobilize to another place. Depending on the place. Scenery seen from tiny windows varies also according to what place they have gone through or they would go to. This is one of the advantage of having a portable tiny house on a trailer.

Some tiny houses were directly built on the ground but the concept, the size, the design, the optimization techniques of maximizing space is still the same. Only the difference is their location, one is permanent and the other one is portable. This means that we can move a tiny house from one place to another. The budget also dictates why people opt to build tiny houses other than the issue of space. From the fact that small spaces has direct proportion to cheaper cost than making  large sprawling mansion houses. This strategy fits to most of millennial people. Who has struggle to money and space. Yet they still manage to have a homey little luxury house. Still they can call it a descent home and suits for everyone.

We did the architectural design and conceptualization of this project. Our service offered was Preliminary Building Plans.

Tiny House

Preliminary Building Plans
Project Info:
Proposed Lot Area: 21+ sq.m.
Location: Tiptip, Tagbilaran City, Philippines
Occupancy: Residential

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