King Project


San Isidro District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

King Project was situated along Tagbilaran to Corella highway. A single storey bungalow house tailor fitted to suit the allotted budget of the client without even compromising the function and design. Practicality is the term. We arrive in a box type architectural design. Straight forward, simple yet elegant. The project was approximately 84 square meter on its building footprint and has a total lot area of approximately 200 square meter.

There were 2 adjacent bedrooms in this little bungalow, 4 x 4 meter masters bedroom with toilet and shower and another 4 x 4 standard bedroom allotted for the kids. At the entrance of the house, a wide living space or receiving area will greet you, going straight ahead to the kitchen area with a breakfast nook that can  be converted to a bar for the guests. Adjacent to the kitchen at the back portion of the house is where the common toilet and shower is located. It is integrated with a service laundry equipment where you could wash.

We did the architectural design and conceptualization of this project. Our services offered were Design Services and Construction Services,

King Project

Preliminary Building Plans – All in Construction Services
Project Info:
Proposed Lot Area: 200+ sq.m.
Location: San Isidro Bohol, Philippines
Occupancy: Residential/Commercial
Status: Completed (2015)

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