85 Synonyms for “House”


A broad vocabulary exists to depict all the conceivable varieties in the structures in which people live. This rundown, which excludes most terms of outside starting point and incorporates impermanent and portable living spaces, incorporates meanings of numerous such words to help authors recognize them:

1. Abode: Any living space; often used jocularly in a mock-formal tone.

2. Apartment: A living space consisting of one or more rooms in a building or a building complex with at least a few such units.

3. Billet: Quarters in a private home assigned to a member of the military order by an official order (also called a billet), or, informally, living quarters.

4. Boardinghouse: A house that provides room and board (a private or shared room and meals).

5. Bungalow: A small one- or one-and-a-half-story house. Read more