Adelo Project


Ubujan District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Adelo Project, situated within the boundaries of Uptown Housing Subdivision Phase 1. A one and a half storey little house. It has only a total floor area of approximately 96 square meter combining the first floor the other half upper floor. The spaces within this little home was compacted inside a limited space but still desirably livable and functional. The ground floor of this little home has a building footprint of approximately 60 square meters and has a total lot area of 200 square meters.

Inside the house, there were 3 bedrooms one at the ground level which is the masters bedroom and two bedrooms at the 2nd half level of the house near the attic area, those two were the kids bedroom. Upon entering the house you will notice the living area which has limited space. However compacted with its function and design, has a high  ceiling resulting from the one and a half storey design that is directly adjacent and functional to the dining area. The open below from the two bedrooms at the upper half floor of the house has stunning view overlooking the living area and the dining. It has a wide kitchen with a breakfast nook and also serves as a bar at night.

We did the architectural design and conceptualization of this project. Our services offered were Design Services and Construction Services,

Adelo Project

Preliminary Building Plans – All in Construction Services
Project Info:
Proposed Lot Area: 96+ sq.m.
Location: Ubujan, Tagbilaran City, Philippines
Occupancy: Residential
Status: Completed (2015)

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