Started enriching lives since 2013. Fastudio Architects has a wide array of allied partners in Structural Design, Electrical Design, Plumbing Design, Mechanical Design (HVAC), Auxiliary Design and Fire Protection Sprinkler Design.

Why choose Fastudio Architects? Choosing Fastudio would be a one-stop shop for clients. Clients don’t need to hire one by one professional in different fields at the same time. The client doesn’t need to hire one structural engineer, one electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, master plumber, electronics & communication engineer and so on. Just choose Fastudio Architects and we will deliver you Full Package of Architectural, Construction and Engineering  Services all in one just hiring an architect (Fastudio Architects).

Hiring an architect (Fastudio Architects) means you are hiring all the following professionals below.

  • Architectural Service
  • Structural Service
  • Electrical Service
  • Plumbing Service
  • Sanitary Service
  • Auxiliary Service
  • Mechanical Service

(Hiring the above professionals one after another would be costly and hard to manage.)

Just hire one Architect (Fastudio Architects) and we will deliver full-scale engineering services with all engineering services mentioned above all in a one time budget.


Design Services
– Preliminary Building Plans
– Building Plans ( Requirement for Government Permit )
– Building Plans ( Requirement for Occupancy Permit)

Construction Services
– Design & Build Construction Service
– All in Construction Service